I have a lot of projects sitting on my hard drive, most of them are half-finished and poorly documented. My resolution for 2020 is to improve this!

The 100 Days of Code challenge has been popular for some time now and many people have done their own version of this. I would like to give it a slightly different spin, 25 fortnights of code. Instead of coding one hour a day, I would like to write one post every two weeks for one year. Most posts will be code related, but I’ll also focus on documenting everything and presenting it in a clear way.

Though I will only properly start in January 2020, I put up the first post already to give a glimpse on what to expect. What’s up next isn’t yet decided, however I will tell you I have a few more machine learning related projects in my folder, something with art and genetic algorithms and messing with GPX files.

All code related with posts here will be made available on GitHub in the 4DCu.be page. If you have feedback feel free to open issues there, or post comments on the posts directly.